Switzerland and Sustainability

At OTP Holidays, we specialise in travel to and around Switzerland and we pride ourselves in exclusively offering holidays to one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Switzerland is known for its beautiful mountains, lakes, and forests, and there is a huge range of outdoor activities that allow visitors to connect with nature while minimising their impact on the environment. Indeed, Switzerland’s own sustainability strategy, Swisstainability, is all about enjoying nature in an authentic way. As such, the Swiss people have a strong environmental consciousness and the country has taken significant steps to preserve its natural beauty. The Swiss are global leaders in recycling and hydropower, and it is hydropower that generates the electricity for over 90% of SBB trains. SBB (Swiss Rail) is a part of one of the best public transport systems in the world, with trains, buses, trams, and cable cars reaching even the most remote areas, such as the car-free villages of Zermatt and Wengen. This makes it easy for locals and tourists alike to get around in a sustainable way. Another prime example of sustainability in Swiss culture is its cuisine, which is characterised by the use of locally sourced and organic ingredients. Overall, Switzerland’s commitment to sustainability makes it the perfect place for eco-conscious holiday-makers who are looking to minimise their impact on the environment whilst still experiencing the joys of travel.

We are now part of the sustainability program Swisstainable and classified at Level I – committed, thus making a concrete contribution to sustainable tourism in Switzerland.


Our Sustainability Commitment –

We all at OTP love the outdoors and are committed to protecting it. We recognise the importance of preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Switzerland, and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activities while promoting responsible tourism practices. We aim to achieve this in a few key ways:

  • Sustainable Travel: we recognize that transportation is a major contributor to carbon emissions, and as such we are committed to making the most of Switzerland’s excellent rail network. All of our holidays include rail transfers from your arrival in Switzerland. Going one step further, we offer travel from London via the Eurostar to your destination, thus minimising the bulk of emissions associated with tourism. We will also seek to reduce our own carbon footprint by using rail travel for business purposes whenever possible.


  • Sustainable Accommodation: we will actively work with accommodation providers who demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability in their operations and practices.


  • Environmental Responsibility: we will reduce our environmental impact in day-to-day life, from going paperless in the office to using eco-friendly products in staff accommodation. We will also educate our staff on sustainable travel practices in the mountains and encourage them to suggest new ways to improve our sustainability practices.


  • Supporting the Local Community: being sustainable is also about supporting the local economy and culture as well as the environment, and so we aim to prioritise local suppliers and partners, as well as encouraging our guests to engage with and support local businesses.


  • Regular Review: we will monitor our operations to ensure compliance with Switzerland’s strict environmental and social standards, and continuously seek ways to improve our sustainability practices.