Terms & Conditions — OTP Holidays Ltd. UK

Please read this section carefully as these are the conditions you agree to on behalf of your group when you apply for a holiday with OTP Holidays Ltd.

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Booking Conditions

your contract is with OTP Holidays Ltd, company address 2 Oldfield Court, Cranes Park Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 8AW, herein referred to as OTP.
A deposit is required as soon as you book a holiday. A booking exists once confirmation/invoice is dispatched, detailing your booking details. Please check it carefully, as items not on your confirmation will not be supplied. Once confirmation is dispatched your contract is made with OTP and the deposit and any insurance premiums are non-refundable. Insurance will only be effective once the full premium price is paid.
An oral request or provision of an option does not give rise to contractual obligations to you or OTP and may be cancelled by either party.
is due 6 weeks prior to departure on the holiday at the latest, and if we do not receive the balance by this date we reserve the right to cancel your holiday without refund.
The price of your holiday includes is calculated months in advance. If the governments of either country introduce a new levy relating to the holiday, we reserve the right to pass such a levy onwards to you. However, in the absence of such action, the price of your holiday is guaranteed, except where fluctuation of currency lowers the exchange rate to less than £1 = CHF 1.15. Under those circumstances we reserve the right to pass on such additional costs. No such surcharge will be made within 30 days of the holiday commencement, except on applications for holiday received within 30 days of the commencement of the holiday, where any surcharge will be shown on your invoice. In exchange for this promise, refunds are not made for favourable movements in exchange rates. Even in the above event, we will absorb an amount equivalent to 2% of the basic holiday price (excluding ski passes/rental) excluding amendment charges. Only amounts in excess of this 2% will be surcharged, but where a surcharge is payable, there will be an administration charge of £1 per person. No surcharge will exceed 10% of your holiday price, excluding amendments, and as stated above, no surcharge will be made less than 30 days prior to departure on the holiday. Vehicles in excess of 6m in length or 2.4m in height may incur a surcharge.
must be confirmed in writing by the person who booked the holiday (Recorded Delivery advised). The following charges are payable as a proportion of the invoiced cost. The number of days prior to the commencement of the holiday are to the day on which written notice is received by us:
56 days or more = loss of deposit only
36-55 days = 50%
22-35 days = 75%
15-21 days = 90%
14 days or less = 100%
If cancellation of a party member results in under occupancy of a room or apartment, those remaining must pay the appropriate empty bed charge.
If travel is not advised / banned by your home or Swiss government due to COVID-19, holidays can be cancelled free of cancellation charges. For details click here
Holiday places are not transferable, and thus amendments to an application, e.g. dates of trip, names, etc… involve an administration charge of £15 per person if made more than 8 weeks prior to travel. Less than 8 weeks prior to travel we reserve the right to treat this as cancellation, with charges as detailed above. Any amendments must be in writing from the party leader. Dishonoured cheques will be treated as an amendment or, within 8 weeks of departure, a cancellation, with relevant charges payable. Insurance premiums are not transferable.
To date, British subjects to not need a visa to enter France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria or Switzerland, but must take a valid passport. Most non-EU nationals need a visa and must arrange this for themselves. Clients are strongly recommended to check the validity of their passports well before travel, and arrange renewals as appropriate. Please bear in mind the time it may take to arrange renewals prior to travel. Clients are responsible at all times for their own personal documents, baggage and ski equipment, whether hired or not.
At the present date there are no health or vaccination requirements for Britons visiting our resorts (NB: CHILDREN usually require a vaccination certificate for creche/kindergarten). The Department of Health advises that you should always check with your doctor and the D.o.H. issue a leaflet, “Protect Your Health Abroad”.


Your OTP holiday starts and finishes where stated on your invoice, which is generally when your accommodation is booked to commence. We are not responsible for your travel to or from this point for any expenses, including travel, accommodation, subsistence and loss of earnings, caused by delayed return to your departure point, howsoever caused. Although ferry travel, where included, will obviously commence prior to the accommodation commencement date, the very nature of a ‘self-drive’ holiday means that you can commence travelling when you wish.

The risk of a holiday being adversely affected by weather conditions has to be accepted. Where transport is arranged to other resorts the cost will be payable locally by the client. OTP shall not be liable for any loss, delay or costs connected with, or arising out of adverse weather conditions, including blocked roads.

All clients are bound by the conditions of carriage of all suppliers of transport, accommodation and service which make up their holiday. These conditions are subject to international agreements between countries and copies may be made available at the offices of the carrier concerned. Please note that when ferry travel is included, the ferry company is only responsible for their ferry services within the terms of the ferry tickets. OTP is generally responsible for all aspects of the trip, and thus all correspondence should be directed to us, as we act as Agent for the ferry companies and all suppliers within the holiday package.

No refunds are given for unused portions of the holiday e.g. journeys, empty accommodation, unused ski-packs, mountain bike guiding, uneaten meals etc… No representative is authorised to make or promise refunds and no such promise will be accepted by OTP Holidays.

All clients undertake not to damage their accommodation. Clients are liable for the cost of any damage or loss and OTP shall be entitled to recover costs from the clients if necessary before home-bound transfer, or any further portion of the trip. The party leader shall be liable in the first instance for any claims against the party. Clients undertake not to harm the reputation of OTP, or cause offence to other travellers or to representatives of OTP. The holiday of any person in breach of this undertaking is liable to be terminated and OTP shall have no further contractual obligations to that person. If you are prevented from travelling because in the opinion of any person in authority you appear to be unfit to travel or likely to offend another passengers, our responsibility for your trip ceases and, as stated above, no refund or compensation will be paid.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrive at the resort in good time to use all portions of the trip and no refund will be payable for any portion of the trip not so used. Our representatives have knowledge of the skiing area and mountain bike /road trails covered by our trip. Whilst clients may wish to seek advice from the representative in respect of the skiing areas or even ski/bike with him/her, it is under the strict understanding that any such advice is given strictly without liability to OTP or the representative, and that to ski/bike with the representative, does not constitute ‘guiding’ under any circumstances. OTP will not accept any claims arising from such incidents whatsoever. Clients are strongly recommended to ski and bike areas suited to their ability, and it is especially important to note closing times of lifts, as not only are lift companies strict about such times, OTP shall not have any liability for incidents arising from such situations.

All descriptions in the club literature, made orally or in writing, are given in good faith and based on information believed to be correct at the time. Descriptions of apartments are a guide only, as all are individually owned and differ from one another. They have to be cleaned and checked on changeover day, so access is rarely possible until late afternoon and you need to vacate in the morning of your last day, leaving the apartment in good and clean order. A deposit will be added to your invoice and refunded (subject to damages) within 14 days of your return.

We reserve the right to cancel the holidays should an economic participant level not be achieved. In this unlikely event we will offer you a refund in full. We shall not cancel a holiday after the balance due date unless necessary as a result of hostilities, political unrest, force majeure or unless you are in default of payment.

Important: no compensation is paid when we make a cancellation or changes occur as a result of war, terrorism, strikes, industrial disruption, natural disaster, fire, technical problems or accidents with ports or transport, inclement weather, government action, changes in arrangements or facilities by accommodation or transport suppliers, or other events beyond our control amounting to force majeure including pandemics. OTP has no further liability to the clients, howsoever arising.

We want your holiday to be as enjoyable has possible, but occasionally even the best laid plans go wrong. If you have a complaint during your holiday, please inform our local rep, who will do his/her best to help you. If you remain dissatisfied, please ask the rep to complete a report with you. If you wish to pursue the matter, you must send a letter and your confirmation/invoice within 28 days of your return. We will not accept liability for claims received after this period and no complaint will be considered unless it was first registered in the resort in writing on a report form signed by you. A complaint which cannot be resolved can be referred to an arbitrator appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, provided that it does not involve physical injury or illness. Clients travel and use portions of the trip entirely at their own risk, and OTP is not liable for any claims, howsoever arising.

This contract is made on the terms of these conditions which are governed by the laws of England and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of English courts (if you live in England or Wales) or the Scottish courts (if you live in Scotland).

Our contract with you is deemed to be made at the offices of OTP Holidays Ltd. – 2 Oldfield Court, Cranes Park Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 8AW. These conditions are published by OTP in February 2021.


The details and conditions apply to this edition, valid from 24th February 2021. Any further issues will supersede these conditions and prices.