Experience the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Switzerland. We offer a short break tailored to your needs and include access to the amazing World Heritage Experience sites of the towering Castles of Bellinzona, Convent of St John in Mustair, Rhaetian Railway Albula and the stunning library in the Convent of St Gallen. Travel is included from any Swiss Airport and includes great Swiss accommodation too!

UNESCO World Heritage Breaks


Bellinzona is defined by the powerful fortifications, comprising three of the best-preserved medieval castles in Switzerland.

UNESCO Bellinzona »

St. John Abbey

In addition to the stunning Abbey of St. John in Müstair, the surrounding landscape is also on the UNESCO heritage list.

UNESCO St John »

Albula Railway

The Albula/Bernina railway line forms the heart of the UNESCO listing and is regarded as one of the world’s most spectacular routes.

UNESCO Bernina Railway »

St. Gallen

The compact metropolis of St Gallen has the magnificent Abbey precinct with the cathedral and stunning Abbey Library.

UNESCO St Gallen »

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